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35 Contoh Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 2 & Jawaban

Contoh soal PAT Bahasa Inggris kelas 10 semester 2 dan jawabannya dapat dipakai sebagai bahan belajar sebelum ujian.

35 Contoh Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 2 & Jawaban
Pengawas ujian membacakan tata tertib ujian. ANTARA FOTO/Kornelis Kaha/kye/17 - Kumpulan contoh soal PAT Bahasa Inggris kelas 10 semester 2 beserta kunci jawaban dapat dipakai siswa sebagai bahan belajar sebelum ujian.

Tahun ini, jadwal PAT diperkirakan akan sama di beberapa daerah jika merujuk pada Kalender Pendidikan 2023/2024, yakni 10-14 Juni atau minggu kedua Juni 2024.

Contoh soal PAT Bahasa Inggris kelas 10 semester 2 Kurikulum Merdeka ini dapat digunakan oleh guru untuk mengevaluasi pembelajaran yang telah dilakukan.

Adapun, beberapa materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 semester 2 yang diajarkan dalam Kurikulum Merdeka di antaranya adalah soal beberapa teks soal kegiatan sehari-hari, kosakata baru terkait kegiatan tersebut, hingga berlatih membaca, menulis dan mendengar.

Sementara itu, Kurikulum Merdeka merupakan kurikulum dengan pembelajaran intrakurikuler yang beragam di mana konten akan lebih optimal agar peserta didik memiliki cukup waktu untuk mendalami konsep dan menguatkan kompetensi.

Kisi-Kisi UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 2

Untuk kisi-kisi soal UAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 10 semester 2 umumnya merujuk pada materi UAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 10 semester 2 yang diajarkan di sekolah, di antaranya:

  • Materi Announcement
  • Materi Recound Text
  • Materi Past Tense
  • Materi Present Perfect Tense
  • Materi Soal Dialog yang Ada
  • Materi Adjective Clause
  • Materi Historical Recount
  • Materi Biography Recount
  • Materi Narrative Text
  • Materi Song

Contoh Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 2 dan Jawabannya

Berikut ini beberapa contoh latihan soal PAT Bahasa Inggris kelas 10 semester 2 yang disertai kunci jawaban dalam bentuk pilihan ganda.

Soal PAT Pilihan Ganda Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 2

1. Lina : “What do you like to do in your spare time?"

Ratu : “You know, I’m a mother to be. So I like ............... And gardening;

a. Cooked

b. Cook

c. Cooking

d. Cooked

e. Cooked

2. My Brother lives ............... Yogyakarta

a. In

b. On

c. At

d. Within

e. Under

3. Dhani has just got his master degree. His parents want to celebrate it next week.

Dhani : “Rio, ...............”

Rio : “ Im glad to come. Could I bring my girlfriend?"

Dhani :”Why not?”

a. I need your help in my party next week.

b. Can you distributes these invitations for me?

c. My parents need some help from you for next week.

d. I’d like you to come to my party next week.

e. We’d like you to help me distributes the invitation.

4. The party will be held ............... Saturday, June 23, at 7 pm.

a. In

b. On

c. At

d. To

e. By

5. Alika : "I'm Sorry. I and Nuri missed the morning flight. It made ............... Late for your

wedding party"

Dika : "It's Ok"

a. His

b. Me

c. Them

d. Her

e. Us

Why the Sky Is High (for 6-10)

A long time ago, the sky was close to the earth. When you stood up and stretched your arms, you could touch it. One day, a farmer bought some coconuts for his wife. His wife wanted to drink the juice inside. She knocked one of the coconuts against a rock to break open the shell "That's not the way to do it, "her husband said. "You should cut it open with a knife He gave her his bolo or jungle-knife

His wife raised the knife to cut the coconut shell “Crackt" As she lifted the knife above her head, it split open the sky and there was heavy rain.

The woman told the sky. "Will you please go a little higher? I can't raise my knife high enough to cut this coconut shell. She raised the knife over her shoulder the second time. Once again it hit the sky and there was thunder and lightning. "You are still too low," the woman said to the sky. "Please go higher."

She raised the bolo a third time. It still cracked the sky. There was a typhoon, and the woman's house was almost blown away by the fierce wind.

"What are you doing?" cried her husband, "Can't you even try to open a coconut shell without causing a typhoon?"

"It's not me," his wife answered. "It's the sky which is too low". I need more room to use the knife."

Finally, the woman became very angry. She looked up and shouted at sky.

"You'd better do as I told. Otherwise I shall cut you to pieces." The clouds rose and rose and the sky went up higher and higher. That's why it is now so high

6. What is the type of the text above?

a. narrative

b. descriptive

c. report

d. recocount

e. news items

7. What is the social function of the text?

a. To describe about coconut shells

b. To entertain the readers with fairy legend

c. To inform readers about coconut shells

d. To describe how the farmers open the coconut shells

e. To explain to readers why it’s hard to open coconut shells

8. Based on the text above, what made the woman get angry?

a. The sky went up too high

b. Her husband didn’t want to help her

c. She couldn’t cut the sky into pieces

d. Her husband forbade her to crack the coconut shell open

e. The sky gave her rain, thunder, lightening, and typhoon

9. Which one of the following statements is not true according to the text?

a. A bolo is a jungle knife

b. The woman tore the sky several times.

c. A very long time ago, the sky was very low

d. The farmer broke the coconut with the knife for his wife

e. The farmer’s wife wanted to drink some coconut water

10. She knocked one of the coconuts against a rock to break open the shell (paragraph 2)

The underlined word can be replaced by_

a. cut

b. stroke

c. opened

d. kicked

e. threw.

Kendari SAR Team Found 3 More Victims (for 11-15)

KENDARI, Southeast Sulawesi, on Thursday a search and rescue team found three more victims from a ship that sank in Banda Sea, who had been missing since the incident occurred on Friday last week. They were Aris Triono, the captain of Amami cargo Ship, Takub, a crewman, and Suharto, a passenger.

They were found on Thursday floating in waters close to Menui Island, Central Sulawesi Province. The Province is adjacent to South East Sulawesi Province, within those territories lies the Banda Sea. Two other victims were earlier saved by SAR team in the Banda Sea on Saturday last week only a day after the ship sank due to the bad weather.

The SAR team is still searching for 10 crew members and a passenger still missing from the incident, said Rocky Asikin. the head of Kendari SAR Team.

11. The communicative purpose of the text is ______

a. To retell past experience

b. To describe a particular thing

c. To explain about SAR team's work

d. To persuade readers to help victims

e. To inform readers about an important event

12. Why did the ship sink to the sea? It happened because__

a. the weather was bad

b. the ship was broken

c. the ship was overloaded

d. there was a leak in the ship

e. the ship crashed into another ship

13. How many crew members and passengers were involved in the accident?

a. two

b. three

c. five

d. sixteen

e. more than sixteen

14. Who is the source of the news?

a. SAR team

b. Yakub, a crewman

c. Suharto, passenger

d. Aris, Triono, the captain

e. Rocky Asikin, the head of SAR team

15. SAR team found three more victims. The underlined word means__

a. a passenger of a ship

b. a person who join the SAR team

c. a person who helps the injured people

d. a person who helps the injured people

e. a person that is injured or killed in an accident.

16. Thank you so much for helping me. I relaly... it

a. accept

b. agree

c. appreciate

d. deserve

e. love

Jawaban: c

17. A thousand thanks for all you hard work. I shall never.. it.

a. forego

b. forget

c. foretell

d. forbid

e. forgive

18. I don’t like going out...night

a. in

b. on

c. at

d. with

e. or

19. Terry : “Andy, I think you’re the best one.”

Andy : “....”

a. of course

b. nevermind

c. i’m sorry

d. Thank you

e. you’re kidding me

20. Doctors...many deadly diseases.

a. have cured

b. cure

c. cured

d. are cure

e. has cured

Text for 21-23

Denpasar, Bali; Environmental Organization Fauna Conservation for life (EOFCFL) claimed that Bali is the biggest site of turtle trading in the country.

In the period between May though to August 1999, it was reported, some 9,400 of the protected animals had been traded.

According to Putu Lisa Kusuma Mustika, a reptile expert from the Indonesian World Wildlife Fund (WWF), tortoises have long been killed in several of Indonesia, with the highest number in Bali.

“Most of them are consumed as food while some of them are used for traditional ceremonies,” Putu told Antara.

Besides its meat, putu said tortoise shells are also used as souvenirs for tourists.

21. The communicative purpose of this text is__

a. To describe the threatened turtle in Bali

b. To tell the readers that turtles are threatened to extinct

c. To inform about important and newsworthy events

d. To explain the important of protecting turtles

e. To describe the way how to preserve turtles

22. What is the main information of the article above?

a. turtle trading

b. A reptile expert

c. The protected animals

d. Fauna conservation for life

e. souvenirs from tortoise

23. It can be concluded form the text that

a. Turtles are not protected animals

b. turtles are mostly traded in Bali

c. Turtles mainly traded for souvenirs

d. traditional ceremonies always require

e. Because the are not preserved, turtles ar threatened to extinct.

My Favorite Teacher (for 24-25)

I have a favorite teacher in my school. He is Mr. Beni. He is my English teacher. He is 30 years old. He is tall dan handsome. He has round eyes, a pointed nose, and thick lips. He has straight hari that always looks neat. He is the strict and discipline person. He alos has long mustache and beard fairly dense. His skin is brown. He is very diligent. He is also smart and honest. He loves music very much. He is very good at olaying guitar. He is a good person and we love him very much.

24. Who is Mr. Beni?

a. The writer’s father

b. The writer’s head teacher

c. The writer’s uncle

d. The writer’s teacher

25. Is his skin brown?

a. Yes, it is

b. No, it is not

c. Yes, it does

d. No, he is not.

26. A new student, Rio, is standing in from of the class. The teacher asks him to introduce himself to the class.

Teacher: Rio, please, introduce yourself to your classmate

Rio: Yes Sir. Well, Good morning, Everybody! I would like to introduce myself. I am Rio Ariawan. You can call me Rio Fatah: Where are you from Rio? Rio: I come from East Java.

We move here because my father works in this nowadays Fatah: Where is your father work?

Rio: ..........

a. Office

b. Businessman

c. Farmer

d. Fisherman

e. Contractor

27. Andy: where do you live? Siska: .....................

a. I like fried chicken

b. I live in Kuala Simpang

c. I have 2 brothers and i sister

d. I am an English teacher

e. I have a new car

28. You never know how Nadine will react. One moment she’s so nice and the next she’s the nastiest person in the world. She’s really...

a. moody

b. selfish

c. shy

d. respectful

e. realistic

29. Be careful when you give Zahra bad news. You can hurt her easily because she’s very ......

a. selfish

b. affectionate

c. sensitive

d. responsible

e. critical

30. Josh: A new cellphone Uncle?

Pete: Yes. My old one is broken.

Josh: May I see it? Pete: Sure. Here you are.

Josh: Wow! It looks sophisticated. It has complete features and multi-function. It is completed with analog TV, right?

Pete: Exactly! Josh: It has sharp colors and clear sound. Wonderful! What is the dialog about?

a. Josh’s sophisticated new cell phone

b. Pete’s new cell phone

c. The wonderful Cell phone

d. Josh’s multifunction Phone

e. Uncle Pete’s Analog TV

31. My English...really... since I moved to Australia

a. had/imrove

b. has/improved

c. is/improving

d. are/improved

e. will/improve

32. Ami: “May I see your dress?”

Icha : “Of course, here it is.”

Ami : “What a nice dress.”

Icha : “ .... “

a. thanks

b. I’m sorry

c. congratulations

d. not at all

e. nevermind

33. Ina : “Happy Birthday, Susi.”

Susi : “Thanks.”

Ina : “It’s a gift for you.”

Susi :...

a. of course

b. congratulations

c. nevermind

d. wow, how nice it is

e. ok

34. Do you work...the evening?

a. in

b. at

c. on

d. or

e. with

Jawaban: a

35. Mr. And Mrs. Anandra... that house in 1987

a. has bought

b. have bought

c. bought

d. buy

e. are buying

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