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Materi Descriptive Text Kelas 10 Kurikulum Merdeka & Contoh Soal

Berikut adalah materi descriptive text kelas 10 Kurikulum Merdeka dan contoh soalnya yang bisa dijadikan acuan saat akan menghadapi ujian.

Materi Descriptive Text Kelas 10 Kurikulum Merdeka & Contoh Soal
Ilustrasi Bahasa Inggris. foto/IStockphoto - Materi Bahasa InggrisDescriptive Text kelas 10 Kurikulum Merdeka merupakan materi yang menguraikan mengenai jenis teks yang berfokus pada menjelaskan atau mendeskripsikan orang, hewan, atau objek tertentu dengan memperhatikan bentuk, karakteristik, kuantitas, dan aspek-aspek lainnya.

Dalam modul ajar Guru Berbagi Bahasa Inggris kelas 10 Kemdikbud, disebutkan bahwa materi descriptive text ini juga memberikan penjelasan secara rinci agar pembacanya paham objek informasi yang mereka cari.

Simak terus artikel di bawah ini untuk mengetahui penjelasan lengkapnya.

Rangkuman Materi Descriptive Text Kelas 10

Seperti disebutkan sebelumnya, descriptive text adalah materi yang menjelaskan tentang sebuah teks dengan bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan atau menjelaskan objek tertentu, seperti orang, hewan, tempat, benda, dan lainnya.

Objek itu tentu mempunyai karakteristik yang bisa diuraikan yang meliputi bentuk, sifat, jumlah, warna, ukuran, lokasi, dan lain-lain.

1. Materi Descriptive Text dalam Bahasa Inggris

Dalam materi tentang descriptive text kelas 10 untuk mendeskripsikan atau menjelaskan objek tertentu, descriptive text umumnya menggunakan simple present tense dengan memakai attribute verb seperti be yang berbentuk is, am, are.

Descriptive text hanya menjelaskan tentang satu objek tertentu dan biasanya terdapat contoh langsung di dalamnya.

Dikutip dari Modul Ajar 3 Bahasa Inggris Descriptive Text Jenjang SMA oleh M. Zidni Ilman Ahdillah, terdapat struktur bahasa yang digunakan seperti penggunaan detail untuk memvisualisasikan objek yang dimaksud, kata dari objek atau sinonimnya sering dipakai, menggunakan kata sifat yang menjelaskan (descriptive adjective).

Dalam menjelaskan seseorang, ada 3 hal penting yang harus diketahui antara lain adjective (kata sifat), descriptive words and phrases (kata/frasa deskriptif), personality/characteristics (kepribadian/karakteristiknya). Keterangan tambahan juga bisa ditambahkan berupa bukti, kebiasaan atau hal lain yang berhubungan.

2. Struktur Descriptive Text

Dikutip dari modul ajar PPG dalam jabatan Bahasa Inggris tahun 2022 mengenai materi descriptive text kelas 10, struktur teks deskriptif memiliki 3 unsur utama yakni:

A. Identification atau pengenalan berisi identifikasi tentang objek yang akan dideskripsikan atau dijelaskan dalam teks.

B. Description atau penjelasan rinci. Umumnya, teks deskriptif ditulis menggunakan tense tipe simple present tense, atau simple past tense jika menjelaskan tentang kondisi objek di masa lampau.

Deskriptif teks terdiri dari beberapa paragraf yang berisi tentang ciri-ciri atau karakteristik objek yang ditulis.

C. Conclusion atau penutup. Ini bersifat opsional, dalam penutup memuat kesimpulan dari isi teks yang ditulis.

3. Contoh Descriptive Text

My Beloved Mother

Every people certainly have a mother. It is because people are born from her. The existence of her among us is definitely important. That is why I love her so much.

I owe great debt to what she has been doing to me until right now. And here is my mother. My mother’s name is Khodijah. She was born 49 years ago.

She is short, but not too short. She is a little fat. And she is old. She has got short white straight hair. She has got brown skin.

She is beautiful. Her hand is so soft, the hand that have taught me to be kind person. She never stops to support me. She always tells me to not give up so easily. She always gives me some fine solutions when I have some problems. The importance of her is never denied. That is why I never reject her willing.

Soal Descriptive Text Kelas 10 dan Jawabannya

Di bawah ini adalah contoh soal materi descriptive text kelas 10. Kunci jawaban adalah jawaban yang dicetak tebal.

Soal Pilihan Ganda Descriptive Text

Text for questions number 1-3

Natural Bridge National Park

Bridge National Park is a luscious tropical rainforest.

It is located 110 kilometers from south of Brisbane and is reached by following the Pacific Highway to Nerang and then by travelling through the Numinbah Valley. This scenic roadway lies in the shadow of Lamington National Park.

The phenomenon of the rock formed into a natural 'arch' and the cave through which a waterfall cascades is a short one-kilometer walk below a dense rainforest canopy from the main picnic area. Swimming is permitted in the rock pools. Night-time visitors to the cave will discover the unique feature of the glow worms. Picnic areas offer toilets, barbeque, shelter sheds, water and fireplaces; however, overnight camping is not permitted.

1. What is the function of paragraph 1?

a. as an identification

b. as an orientation

c. as a thesis

d. as a classification

2. The text above is in form of..............

a. report

b. description

c. narrative

d. explanation

3. What is the communicative purpose of the text?

a. to present two points of views about natural bridge national park

b. to retell the bridge national park

c. to describe the bridge national park

d. to persuade readers to treat preserve the bridge national park

Text for questions number 4-6

Today, my aunt comes to visit our house. She’s my favorite aunt. Her name is Isma. She’s very beautiful. Her height is 168 cm with weight 52 kg. Her skin is fair. She has black and round eyes. Her nose is sharp. She has long wavy hair.

My aunt is a Science teacher in Junior High School. Her students like her so much because she is kind and friendly. She is patient too. She doesn’t get angry even if her students are naughty. She is also well loved by our family members. I always wait for her visit to my house.

4. What is the topic of the text?

a. A Science Teacher

b. Beautiful aunt

c. Isma's aunt

d. Writer's favorite aunt

5. The last paragraph mostly talks about .....

a. The writer's aunt in general

b. The writer's aunt's physical description

c. The writer's aunt's characteristics

d. The visit of writer's aunt

6. How is the writer's aunt's build?

a. Tall and slim

b. Short and slim

c. Tall and fat

d. Short and thin

7. Arrange the words into a correct sentence!

(1) Ancient

(2) Has

(3) A

(4) Almunawar Village

(5) House

(6) Arabic

(7) Lovely

a. 1-2-3-4-5-7-6

b. 4-2-3-7-1-6-5

c. 6-5-2-3-7-1-2

d. 1-2-3-7-6-4-5

8. Arrange the words into a correct sentence!

(1) Kapitan Village

(2) A

(3) Small

(4) House

(5) Chinese

(6) Has

(7) Old

(8) Nice

a. 1-6-2-8-3-7-5-4

b. 5-4-6-2-7-3-1-8

c. 1-6-2-3-7-8-5-4

d. 5-1-4-6-2-7-3-8

9. Arrange the words into a correct sentence!

(1) Enormous

(2) Is

(3) Jakabaring Sport City

(4) Center

(5) Sport

(6) Palembang

(7) Wonderful

(8) A

(9) New

a. 3-2-8-9-7-1-6-5-4

b. 6-5-4-2-8-9-7-1-3

c. 6-5-4-2-8-9-1-7-3

d. 3-2-8-7-1-9-6-5-4

10. Arrange the words into a correct sentence!

(1) In Palembang

(2) Beautiful

(3) Is

(4) Ampera Bridge

(5) Long

(6) Bridge

(7) A

(8) Red

a. 7-8-4-1-3-2-5-6

b. 1-3-7-5-8-6-2-4

c. 4-3-7-2-5-8-6-1

d. 7-5-6-3-8-1-2-4

Soal Essay Descriptive Text

Fill the blank with the correct words! (Isi titik-titik di bawah ini dengan kata yang sesuai!)

Kemaro Island

Kemaro Island is one of most (1) …destinations in South Sumatera. This island is located in a (2)… delta of Musi River. Kemaro Island is lies in between the industrial areas of Sriwijaya Fertilizer Plant and Pertamina Oil Refinery in Plaju and Gerong River.

When visiting Kemaro Island, there will be a (3)… Vihara or Klenteng with many stairs, typically Chinese building in the middle of the island. This Hok Tjiang Rio temple was built since 2006 and becomes the (4) … icon in this island. Moreover, on the island there is a Buddha temple that oftenly visited by Buddhists follower to pray or to visit the graves.

This island becomes more (5)… during Chinese festivals like Cap Go Meh or Imlek New Year. In front of Klenteng, there is graveyard of Prince Tan Bun An from Chinese and Princess Siti Fatimah of Sriwijaya. By their love story, this island is made up and popular to be Pulau Jodoh or Mate Island.

Jawaban :

1. Popular

2. Small

3. Chinese

4. Signature

5. Crowded

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