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20 Contoh Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris UTBK 2024 dan Jawaban

Contoh soal literasi bahasa Inggris bisa menjadi bahan belajar siswa peserta SNBT 2024. Berikut kumpulan soalnya.

20 Contoh Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris UTBK 2024 dan Jawaban
Petugas mengawasi Ujian Tulis Berbasis Komputer (UTBK) Seleksi Bersama Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (SBMPTN) 2021 gelombang 1, di Universitas Palangkaraya, Kalimantan Tengah, Selasa (13/4/2021). ANTARA FOTO/Makna Zaezar/hp. - Sebelum menghadapi ujian kelulusan penerimaan mahasiswa baru jalur Seleksi Nasional Berbasis Tes (SNBT) 2024, calon peserta bisa mulai belajar dan latihan. Salah satu submateri yang diujikan adalah literasi bahasa Inggris.

Sesuai jadwal, Ujian Tulis Berbasis Komputer (UTBK) 2024 akan berlangsung dalam dua gelombang. Gelombang 1 dihelat pada 30 April dan 2-7 Mei 2024. Sementara itu, gelombang 2 dilaksanakan pada 14-20 Mei 2024.

Bagi sebagian peserta, tes literasi bahasa Inggris terbilang sulit. Terlebih, bahasa Inggris bukanlah bahasa ibu bagi masyarakat Indonesia. Oleh karenanya, penting untuk melakukan banyak latihan dengan mengerjakan contoh soal literasi bahasa Inggris.

Soal literasi bahasa Inggris UTBK 2024 nantinya akan terdiri atas 20 soal. Jatah waktu pengerjaannya kurang lebih 30 menit.

Contoh Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris UTBK SNBT 2024 dan Kunci Jawabannya

Berikut akan disajikan 20 contoh soal literasi bahasa Inggris sebagai bahan belajar dan latihan calon peserta SNBT 2024. Soal SNBT bahasa Inggris yang ada di bawah ini sudah disertai dengan kunci jawabannya.

Untuk bisa menjawab contoh soal literasi bahasa Inggris SNBT nomor 1-7, baca teks di bawah ini!

Do you play video games? If so, you aren't alone. Video games are becoming more common and are increasingly enjoyed by adults. The average age of gamers has been increasing. Changing technology also means that more people are exposed to video games. Many committed gamers play on desktop computers or consoles, but a new breed of casual gamers has emerged, who play on smartphones and tablets at spare moments throughout the day, like their morning commute. So, we know that video games are an increasingly common form of entertainment, but do they have any effect on our brains and behavior?

Over the years, the media have made various sensationalist claims about video games and their effect on our health and happiness. "Games have sometimes been praised or demonized, often without real data backing up those claims. Moreover, gaming is a popular activity, so everyone seems to have strong opinions on the topic," says Marc Palaus, first author on the review, recently published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

Palaus and his colleagues wanted to see if any trends had emerged from the research to date concerning how video games affect the structure and activity of our brains. They collected the results from 116 scientific studies, 22 of which looked at structural changes in the brain and 100 of which looked at changes in brain functionality and/or behavior.

Studies show that playing video games can change how our brains perform, and even their structure. For example, playing video games affects our attention, and some studies found that gamers show improvements in several types of attention, such as sustained attention or selective attention. The brain regions involved in attention are also more efficient in gamers and require less activation to sustain attention on demanding tasks.

1. What can be inferred from the passage above?

(A) Gamers are more likely to have brain damage due to the change in their brain structures.

(B) Given its benefits, gaming will now be continuously praised on the media.

(C) Gamers will find it easier to focus on tasks that require a lot of energy or attention.

(D) Gaming will continue to become increasingly popular and will render other forms of entertainment useless.

(E) Gamers are healthier and happier compared to people who don’t play video games.

Jawaban: C

2. What can we say about the author’s objective in writing this article?

(A) The writer denies any claims on the negative effects of games.

(B) The writer agrees that games ruin our brain functions.

(C) The writer proves the media’s claims on the negative effects of games.

(D) The writer explains how video games change the brain’s performance.

(E) The writer shows that video games alter the brain’s performance and structure.

Jawaban: E

3. Why does the writer use the word "sensationalist" in paragraph 2?

(A) Because video games are getting more popular among adults

(B) Because games have been praised and demonized

(C) Because games have been covered a lot by the media

(D) Because video games are a sensational phenomenon

(E) Because the media has made extreme claims, usually with no actual evidence

Jawaban: E

4. What can we say about the result of the study?

(A) The researchers collected the results from previous studies examining brain structure and functionality.

(B) More than changing how our brains perform, playing games can also alter brain structure.

(C) The study shows that gamers have better performance in conducting cognitive tasks compared to non-gamers.

(D) The number of gamers is increasing due to the inclusion of the new type of gamers who play on mobile devices.

(E) Playing video games on mobile devices can alter the functionality and structure of the brain.

Jawaban: B

5. Which option uses the word "committed" in the same way that it is used in sentence 6?

(A) Ken committed a peculiar and uncharacteristic mistake.

(B) After throwing a tantrum in public, Amber is finally committed to a psych ward.

(C) Felix is committed to continuing his study in the education field.

(D) Charlie has committed much of his career is the gaming industry.

(E) My family has been committed members of the city council.

Jawaban: E

6. Which of the following questions cannot be answered by the passage?

(A) How did the media frame video games over the years?

(B) What are video games criticized for?

(C) Are video games gaining popularity among adults?

(D) Why are video games so polarizing?

(E) What are the advantages of playing video games?

Jawaban: B

7. What is the significance of the expression “...but a new breed of casual gamers has emerged...”?

(A) To illustrate the important role of mobile gamers in the study

(B) To introduce one of the types of gamers examined in the study

(C) To introduce the group that promotes the expansion of video games

(D) To specify which type of gamers is included in the study

(E) To introduce the group of gamers that is on the rise in popularity

Jawaban: C

Teks di bawah ini digunakan untuk menjawab contoh soal literasi bahasa Inggris nomor 8-11.

Stretching more than 2.300 kilometers along Queensland's coastline and covering 35 million hectares, the Great Barrier is the world's largest coral reef, and probably the richest. More than 1.500 species of fish, 4.000 species of mollusks, 400 species of sponge and 300 species of hard

corals live here.

The reef is Queensland's first world heritage area. It is very importance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with significant cultural sites on many of its islands. The reef is very important in other ways. The World Heritage Area is worth some $5.4 billion to the Australian economy. As many as $3.5 billion of that amount goes into the local towns and communities bordering the reef.

Recent research published by the Australian Institute of Marine Science has found two primary factors that have caused a very significant decline in coral cover over the last 30 years or so. They are extreme weather and the crown-of-thorns starfish. The same research is telling us that coral cover north of Cook town is generally stable, but the southern area is experiencing major losses.

The reef's complexities are well described in the 2013 Scientific Consensus Statement. This science contributed to the updated Reef Water Quality Protection Plan (Reef Plan). The plan is a state and federal initiative designed to stop and reverse the decline in reef water quality. The consensus statement confirms that the major cause of coral cover loss is extreme weather events, such as cyclones.

Clearly, we are not able to influence such events. The second Great Barrier Reef Report Card confirms that management change and water quality improvements are tracking positively, but more needs to be done. The report was released in July 2013 and based on 2011 Paddock to Reef Monitoring Program data. The Queensland and Australian governments, together with industry, regional bodies, and conservation groups, will continue working hard to maintain progress towards Reef Plan targets. We want to be sure that the reef has the best possible opportunity to recover from cyclone damage and crown-of-thorns starfish attacks.

8. What can be inferred from the passage?

(A) The Great Barrier Reef is under the threat of nature.

(B) The Australian economy is attracted by cyclones and starfish.

(C) The other main resource influencing the reef is seawater quality.

(D) Scientists expect the reef has the power to recover naturally.

(E) The decline of the Great Barrier Reef initiates research on climate.

Jawaban: A

9. This sentence means.......

(A) the Great Barrier Reef is future legacy of the Queensland people

(B) optimum exploration of the reef should benefit the Queensland government

(C) coral reef should be preserved for the purpose of the future legacy

(D) preserving the Great Barrier Reef becomes the world's responsibility

(E) local government are given responsibility to manage the reef benefits

Jawaban: A

10. Based on the passage, what does the author's bias deal with?

(A) Collaboration between scientists and the Australian government.

(B) Australian geographical heritage in a form of coral reef.

(C)National economic value of the Great Barrier Reef

(D) Efforts to save the reef from natural destruction

(E) Benefits of the local people in relation to the reef

Jawaban: B

11. In presenting the ideas, the author starts by.........

(A) describing the landscape of the Great Barrier Reef

(B) explaining the status of the Great Barrier Reef

(C) stating the current problem faced by the reef

(D) detailing demography and value of the reef

(E) reporting the findings of study on the reef

Jawaban: A

Baca teks berikut untuk menjawab soal tes literasi bahasa Inggris nomor 11-14!

You have invited your friend over for dinner. Your child sees your friend reach for some cookies and says,” Better not take those, or you’ll get even bigger.” You’re embarrassed that your child could speak so rudely. However, you should consider that your child may not know how to use the language appropriately in social situations and did not mean harm by the comment.

An individual may say words clearly and use long, complex sentences with correct grammar, but still have a communication problem if he or she has not mastered the rule of social language known as pragmatics. Adults may also have difficulty with pragmatics, for example, as a result of a brain injury or stroke.

An individual with pragmatic problems may say inappropriate or unrelated things during conversations, tell stories in a disorganized way, or have little variety in language use. It is not unusual to have pragmatic problems in only a few situations. However, if problems in social language use occur often and seem inappropriate considering the child’s age, a pragmatic disorder may exist.

11. The restatement of the last sentence of the passage is that ....

(A) vocabulary is basic in grammar

(B) language problems are essentially satiric

(C) pragmatic disorders always exist as a single entity

(D) problems such as vocabulary and grammar frequently come along with pragmatic disorders

(E) linguist can solve pragmatic disorders

Jawaban: D

12. The topic of the paragraph is ... pragmatic disorders

(B) inappropriate politics

(C) logics

(D) incorrect grammar

(E) vocabulary problems

Jawaban: A

13. The word “embarrassed” in the text is closest in meaning to ....

(A) proud

(B) happy

(C) awkward

(D) fast

(E) slow

Jawaban: C

14. The organization of the text is ....

(A) comparison

(B) problem solving

(C) paradox

(D) exposition

(E) division and classification

Jawaban: D

Untuk menjawab contoh soal SNBT bahasa Inggris nomor 15-20, baca teks di bawah ini!

Measles, a childhood disease, __10__ sufferings to __11__ for thousands of years. However, the search for an effective measles vaccine, lasted two hundred years and has finally ended in success. Now, for the first time, measles is a __12__ disease. You may ask,” How is this important to children?”.

Every year measles kills twice as many Americans as polio now does. More children die from measles than from any other childhood disease.

Also complications of some degree __13__ in about one child out of six. Most __14__ include pneumonia and ear disorders. Another after-effect of measles-brain damage is less common, but it can have such serious consequences that it __15__ special attention.

15. ....

(A) causes

(B) caused

(C) has caused

(D) has been caused

(E) causing

Jawaban: C

16. ....

(A) industry

(B) mankind

(C) machinery

(D) hotels

(E) restaurants

Jawaban: B


(A) prevent

(B) prevents

(C) prevention

(D) preventable

(E) to prevent

Jawaban: D

18. ....

(A) occur

(B) occurs

(C) to occur

(D) occurring

(E) occurrence

Jawaban: A

19. ....

(A) contracts

(B) purchases exports

(C) imports

(D) complications imports

(D) complications

Jawaban: D

20. ....

(A) cooks

(B) deserves

(C) sends

(D) writes

(E) swims

Jawaban: B

Tips Mengerjakan Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris UTBK SNBT

Soal literasi bahasa Inggris UTBK 2024 terdiri atas 20 soal, sebagaimana disinggung di awal artikel ini. Untuk mengerjakannya, Anda perlu memperhatikan beberapa hal. Berikut beberapa tips mengerjakan soal literasi bahasa Inggris UTBK 2024.

  1. Mempersiapkan diri dengan banyak membaca dan memperbanyak kosakata.
  2. Latihan membaca teks bahasa Inggris dengan pemahaman mendalam dan cepat.
  3. Banyak mengerjakan contoh soal literasi bahasa Inggris.
  4. Pelajari kisi-kisi soal literasi bahasa Inggris yang diberikan, baik oleh pihak resmi penyelenggara atau guru SMA.
  5. Belajar memahami struktur kalimat.
  6. Perhatikan waktu sebelum mengerjakan soal literasi bahasa Inggris UTBK.
  7. Baca instruksi dengan teliti sebelum mengerjakan soal literasi bahasa Inggris UTBK 2024.
  8. Jangan terjebak dengan soal soal sulit hingga lalai mengerjakan yang lain.
  9. Istirahat yang cukup sebelum ujian dan mengerjakan soal literasi bahasa Inggris.

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