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Contoh Soal Pretest PPG 2023 Bahasa Inggris Pedagogik & Jawaban

Berikut contoh soal pretest PPG 2023 Bahasa Inggris pedagogik dan kunci jawabannya. 

Contoh Soal Pretest PPG 2023 Bahasa Inggris Pedagogik & Jawaban
Pelaksanaan seleksi kompetensi CAT-UNBK PPPK Guru dari pelamar umum di SMPN 2 Kuta Utara Dalung, Badung. (ANTARA/HO-Pemkab Badung.) - Contoh soal Pretest PPG 2023 materi Bahasa Inggris Pedagogik sangat dibutuhkan bagi peserta UKMPPG yang lulus PPG Daljab 2023 angkatan 1 karena akan segera melaksanakan ujian pengetahuan (UP).

Pelaksanaan ujian direncanakan akan digelar pada 26-27 Agustus 2023. Seluruh peserta UKMPPG diwajibkan mengerjakan soal yang berkaitan dengan kegiatan pembelajaran sebagai seorang guru seperti pelajaran Bahasa Inggris.

UKMPPG sendiri merupakan uji kompetensi yang digelar secara serentak guna mengukur pemahaman konsep atau materi pencapaian tujuh capaian pembelajaran lulusan (CPL).

Para peserta harus mengikuti setiap rangkaian termasuk tes pembelajaran seperti Tes Bahasa Inggris Pedagogik.

Akan tetapi, sebelum melaksanakan Ujian Pengetahuan tersebut, mahasiswa PPG dianjurkan melakukan latihan soal terlebih dahulu agar memiliki potensi kelulusan yang besar. Berikut contoh soal pretest PPG Bahasa Inggris Pedagogik 2023 dan jawabannya.

Contoh Soal Pretest PPG Bahasa Inggris Pedagogik 2023 dan Jawaban

1. As the counterbalance to linguistic competence, formulaic competence refers to chunks of language that speakers use heavily in everyday interactions. It includes the following EXCEPT ....

A. idioms

B. routines

C. turn-taking

D. collocations

E. lexical frames

Kunci Jawaban: C

2. Among the areas where our behavior can directly infl uence our students’ motivation to continue participation in EFL classes is determining short-term goals which include the following EXCEPT...

A. the successful writing of an essay

B. the ability to partake in a discussion

C. the possibility of a better job in the future

D. the learning of a small amount of new language

E. the passing of the progress test at the end of the week

Kunci Jawaban: C

3. Applying the humanistic approach, the teacher should encourage supportive atmosphere in the classroom by means of the following acts EXCEPT ....

A. listening to the students

B. encouraging them to share their feelings

C. accepting their comments without judgement

D. fi xing the aims for the course or for one lesson

E. obliging students to do what they plan to do that day

Kunci Jawaban: E

4. The presentation/development step of a lesson plan should involve activities on the part of the students. It should be carried out by keeping in mind the following principles EXCEPT...

A. principle of selection

B. principle of division

C. principle of absorption

D. principle of categorization

E. principle of successive sequence

Kunci jawaban: D

5. When putting syllabuses together, an EFL curriculum designer has to consider each item for inclusion in the syllabuses on the basis of the following criteria EXCEPT....

A. Learnability

B. Usefulness

C. Frequency

D. Coverage

E. Grading

Kunci jawaban: E

6. Free practice designed for an eff ective lesson plan integrates the focus structure /vocabulary/functional language into students’ overall language use. It often encourages students to use the target language structures in the following EXCEPT ....

A. games and puzzles

B. small group discussions

C. quizzes and formative tests

D. written work (paragraphs and essays)

E. longer listening comprehension practice

Kunci jawaban: C

7. When assigning the learners in the closure section of the lesson plan, remember that students need to be able to perform their skills on their own. So, keep the following things in mind EXCEPT ....

A. make a clear connection between the lesson and the homework

B. make sure to assign the homework directly after the lesson

C. clearly explain the assignment to be given to the learners

D. ask the model students to share their tasks to their classmates

E. make sure to check for students understating before sending them off

Kunci jawaban: D

8. The closure step of a lesson plan is a chance to determine whether the students need additional practice or to go over the lesson again. The following are examples of closure in an eff ective lesson plan EXCEPT ....

A. summarizing the characteristics of the lesson

B. discussing new things that the students learned about the lesson

C. giving them a couple of minutes to read or present the lesson to the class

D. asking what information from the lesson the students will fi nd important

E. asking the students to summarize the lesson for students missing the class.

Kunci jawaban: C

9. A well-developed lesson plan should be completed with assignments to guide the instructor’s choice of assessment measures by providing information about student and class comprehension of the material. The following are among the questions to consider EXCEPT ....

A. What level of learning do the students need to attain?

B. How does the lesson plan fi t particular instructional principles?

C. What is the amount of time the instructor wants the students to use?

D. How does the assignment fi t with the rest of the lesson plan?

E. What is the purpose of the assignment?

Kunci Jawaban: B

10. The presentation phase of a lesson plan can take a variety of forms. The following are suggestions on how to present new materials to class EXCEPT ....

A. teacher centered explanation

B. student presentation

C. reading selection

D. listening selection

E. guided exercises

Kunci jawaban: E

11. A teacher who wants to have distance learning involving not only spoken but also pictographic images which enable them to have face-to face idea exchanges can most appropriately utilize....

A. skype

B. short message services

C. multimedia language laboratory

D. teleconference

E. Google messenger

Kunci jawaban: D

12. Rina is solitary type of a student. The most suitable learning source for the teacher to facilitate Rina in reading comprehension would be....

A. pictured workbooks

B. E-learning modules

C. reading passages

D. audio recordings

E. worksheet

Kunci jawaban: B

13. Learning a new topic can be challenging for students. To motivate them to learn with enthusiasm, a teacher may use empathetic communication strategy by....

A. telling the class that all beginning is difficult

B. informing the class to always be motivated

C. reminding the importance of learning English

D. explaining the disadvantage of not learning the topic

E. stating that the topic is interesting and they will like it

Kunci Jawaban: E

14. A student was texting Ms. Cruella as follows: “Excuse me, Mam. When can you meet me to discuss my report? I have a question to ask. Thank you” How should Ms. Cruella have responded to her student by texting back not to make her embarrassed?

A. “What about tomorrow? But, should I see you or should you see me?”

B. “Who do you think you are? I am your teacher. You must see me.”

C. “Is your language polite enough, Sandra? Check your English.”

D. “Sandra, be polite please, can’t you? Should I meet you?”

E. “You are really not polite, Sandra. Keep your manner.”

Kunci Jawaban: A

15. The problem in Mr. Andi’s class is the students tend to compete excessively in reading class. They don’t have much experience in working together in task groups. She believes that they need to have more opportunities to work together to change as their attitudes in competing leads to an unhealthy class atmosphere. To solve the problem, she designs an innovative instructional strategy through classroom action research. The steps of which will need to have the elements of...



C. jigsaw

D. mind and mapping

E. click and clunk

Kunci jawaban C

16. The purpose of installing the software to the computer’s hard disc is to ....

A. make the printer work on the computer

B. make the computer work faster

C. cause the computer compatible with it

D. cause the computer to restart easily

E. connect the computer to the printer

Kunci jawaban: A

17. In order to install the software to the computer, it is necessary to ....

A. become an administrator member

B. connect the computer to the internet

C. switch the users during the installation

D. contact the internet service provider

E. plug and unplug the USB cable

Kunci Jawaban: A

18. There are about eleven cycles in the research design, ... may be adapted to be specifically used in your prototype product as a model of educational product development.

A. in three cycles which

B. three cycles from which

C. at which three cycles

D. by three cycles which

E. three cycles of which

Kunci jawaban: B

19. Most states require that principals or other designated supervisors formally evaluate your teaching by sitting in on your classes. Typically, a form such as the one shown before ... to collect data. Such forms usually include a question on classroom management. It is clear from the categories of questions included in such a teacher evaluation form that both content expertise and pedagogical expertise will be evaluated.

A. will be being used

B. is used

C. to use

D. have been used

E. had to use

Kunci Jawaban: B

20. No theory or technique works with all children all the time in all situations. But some theories and techniques work better than others.We should use these theories for what they can do for us. What about the students ... our theories do not work?

A. for what

B. by who

C. upon whom

D. from which

E. by whose

Kunci Jawaban: C.

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