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45 Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2 Kurikulum Merdeka

Berikut 45 soal PAT Bahasa Inggris kelas 7 semester 2 Kurikulum Merdeka dan jawabannya, dengan pertanyaan pilihan ganda hingga essay.

45 Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2 Kurikulum Merdeka
Ilustrasi Belajar Bahasa Inggris. [foto/shutterstock] - Contoh soal PAT Bahasa Inggris kelas 7 semester 2 Kurikulum Merdeka berikut ini dibuat dengan merujuk pada materi buku terbitan Kemdikbudristek RI. Soal-soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 7 semester 2 ini bisa menjadi bahan latihan ujian Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAT).

Para siswa sebaiknya melakukan persiapan jelang PAT karena hasil ujian sekolah ini dapat menjadi pertimbangan dalam keputusan kenaikan kelas. Ujian sekolah PAT untuk SMP di berbagai daerah berlangsung antara Mei-Juni 2024.

Kisi-Kisi Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2

Materi Bahasa Inggris kelas 7 semester 2 Kurikulum Merdeka memuat sejumlah bacaan. Isinya memberikan pemahaman terhadap peserta didik tentang beragam jenis teks yang ada di bahasa Inggris.

Materi ujian Bahasa Inggris kelas 7 semester 2 akan berhubungan dengan pemahaman terhadap verbs, preposistion, pronoun, conjunction, imperative sentence, vocabulary di berbagai topik, dan lain sebagainya.

Ada juga materi terkait dengan teks naratif, deskripsi, eksposisi, prosedur, argumentasi, diskusi, teks khusus, pesan singkat, hingga pesan iklan dalam bahasa Inggris.

Materi-materi tersebut termuat juga di dalam sejumlah soal PAT Bahasa Inggris kelas 7 semester 2 pilihan ganda dan essay di bawah.

Maka dari itu, selain bisa dipakai untuk persiapan menjelang PAT, beberapa contoh soal UAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 7 semester 2 berikut ini juga bisa digunakan oleh siswa untuk meningkatkan pemahaman terhadap materi pelajaran.

Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 dan Jawabannya

Sebanyak 45 soal PAT Bahasa Inggris kelas 7 semester 2 beserta jawabannya yang tersaji di bawah ini terdiri atas pertanyaan pilihan ganda dan essay.

Berikut 45 contoh soal PAT Bahasa Inggris kelas 7 semester 2 Kurikulum Merdeka beserta jawabannya:

A. Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2 Pilihan Ganda

Read the text below carefully and choose an answer from questions 1-5!

Hey there! Guess what? There's a school event happening at SMP Merdeka today. There are so many fun competitions to join in on! There's a basketball competition happening on the school field. There are also other competitions happening in some classes. Andi Galang and his friends are really excited to join the basketball competitions. They're going to be competing against another class. Sintaloka is a natural when it comes to singing. She's really looking forward to joining the singing competition. Her voice is so beautiful! Ani Monita is super excited to join the storytelling competition. She's already registered for it at the library. There's also an art exhibition! You'll find all kinds of handicrafts, like keyrings and paintings, for sale. Andre is on his way to the art exhibition now to consider buy a painting dan handicraft.

1. These are some competitions in SMP Merdeka’s school event, except....

A. A basketball competition

B. A storytelling competition

C. A painting competition

D. A singing competition

Jawaban: C

2. What competition do Andi Galang and his friends intending to join?

A. A soccer competition

B. A basketball competition

C. A volleyball competition

D. A badminton competition

Jawaban: B

3. Why Sintaloka is interested in joining the singing competition?

A. Singing is her hobby.

B. The competition is held in the class.

C. The competition is held in the ield.

D. Sintaloka is registering for it in the library.

Jawaban: A

4. What is Andre's intended course of action?

A. Watch the basketball competition

B. Register for the art exhibition

C. Purchase a handicraft

D. Participate in the painting competition

Jawaban: C

5. Where do competitions take place?

A. In some classes, art exhibition, and library

B. In the library, the school ield, and art exhibition

C. In the art exhibition, some classes, and school field

D. In the school field, some classes, and library

Jawaban: D

6. Please arrange the schedule below in the correct chronological order!

(1) On Wednesday, Lia has English to learn.

(2) Lia studies at school from Monday to Friday. Her school usually starts at 7 o’clock in the morning.

(3) Lia usually goes home by 3 o’clock. It is different on Friday. On Friday, she goes back home before noon.

(4) On Monday, Lia usually has Maths and Natural Science. The three subjects are also learned on Thursday.

(5) On Tuesday, Lia learned Social Sciences and a local language. While on Friday, she learned Arts and Sports. She has a really nice weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

A. (2), (3), (4), (1), (5)

B. (1), (5), (4), (2), (3)

C. (4), (1), (3), (2), (5)

D. (1), (4), (2), (5), (3)

Jawaban: A

Read the text below carefully and choose an answer from questions 7-11!

This afternoon, Galang will be attending an online class. Prior to joining the online class, he prepares a textbook and a writing implement to record the learning material. Additionally, he is attired in a school uniform. He arrives at the online class at the appointed time. He activates his camera and deactivates his microphone. One of Galang’s classmates, Andre, neglects to disable his microphone. He speaks in a voice that is both audible and boisterous, thereby creating a considerable amount of noise. Subsequently, the instructor instructs him to deactivate the microphone when it is not in use. Subsequently, he deactivates the microphone and the class commences. The students are engaged in the lesson. Nevertheless, Galang has a question to pose. He then activates the button indicating that he wishes to participate in the discussion. The teacher permits him to do so. The class progresses smoothly, and Galang is satisfied with the outcome.

7. What preparations does Galang undertake prior to joining the online class?

A. A book, a pen, and an eraser

B. A school uniform, a book, and a pen

C. A pen, a book, and a microphone

D. A book, a pen, and a learning material

Jawaban: B

8. What is the nature of Andre's oversight?

A. Turn on his camera

B. Turn off his computer

C. Turn off his microphone

D. Turn on the raise hand button

Jawaban: C

9. Which of the following activities is inappropriate when joining an online class?

A. Turn on the microphone when it is not used

B. Click the raise hand button before speaking

C. Wear a school uniform

D. Prepare a book and pens

Jawaban: A

10. What is Galang's typical approach when he wishes to pose a query when joining an online class?

A. Turn on his microphone and ask the question

B. Turn on his camera and his microphone

C. Ask the question and turn on his camera

D. Click the raise hand button and ask the question

Jawaban: D

11. What is Galang's opinion of the online class that is being held today?

A. The online class is fun. Galang is happy with it

B. The online class is not well. Galang is happy with it

C. The online class goes fast. Galang is not happy with it

D. The online class goes slow. Galang is not happy with it

Jawaban: A

Read the text below carefully and choose an answer for questions 12-15!

It can be observed that Danang displays a proclivity for the pursuit of knowledge. Danang is an avid student. He prefers to engage in this activity in the privacy of his bedroom after the conclusion of the school day. Prior to commencing his studies, Danang typically prepares a glass of water and sets a timer on his mobile phone. He studies for a period of 25 minutes, after which he takes a five-minute break before resuming his studies. He records all the tasks assigned by his instructors in a small notebook that he carries to school. Furthermore, he records the due date alongside each task, ensuring that he will never neglect to present them to his instructors. He typically studies independently, although on occasion he engages in collaborative learning with his closest friend, Paidi. Despite the considerable number of tasks he is required to complete, he is able to find time to engage in leisure activities with his friends and to rest. He is adept at managing his time effectively.

12. How does Danang prefer to pursue his quest for knowledge?

A. In the library

B) In the classroom

C. In his bedroom

D. In a study group

Jawaban: C

13. What does Danang do before he starts his study sessions?

A. Prepares a glass of water

B. Sets a timer on his cell phone

C. Takes a five-minute break

D. Writes assignments in his notebook

Jawaban: B

14. How long does Danang typically study before taking a break?

A. 10 minutes

B. 15 minutes

C. 25 minutes

D. 30 minutes

Jawaban: C

15. With whom does Danang engage in collaborative learning?

A. His teachers

B. His closest friend, Paidi

C. His classmates

D. His parents

Jawaban: B

16. Read the dialog text below!

Hadi: Look at the giraffes. They have curly eyelashes.

Andi: Yes, they do. Their eyelashes are adorable.

Hadi: Look at the zebra. They have white and black stripes on their body.

Andi: By the way, do you know that each zebra has different pattern?

Hadi: Really? Wow, thats amazing!

“Adorable” same with?

A. Awful

B. Ugly

C. Bad

D. Beautiful

Jawaban: D

17. Based on the article in the question number 11, what do they say about the animals?

A. Andi says that giraffes have black and white stripes

B. Hadi says that giraffes have curly eyelashes

C. Andi says that giraffes have curly eyelashes

D. Andi says that zebras have black and white stripes

Jawaban: B

18. Read the article below carefully!

My House

Hello ! My name is a Andri and this is my house. My house is a quite big. It has got two floors; a ground floor and a first floor. It has also got an attic and a basement. On the ground floor there is the hall, the kitchen, a pantry, the living room, a big dining room and a toilet. On the first floor there are three bedrooms, one bathroom and a big corridor. My bedroom is between my parents’ bedroom and the bathroom. My sister’s bedroom is in front of mine.

I love my bedroom, but I also like the attic. In the attic I keep some of my books and my old toys. I like to spend my time there because it is very spacious and there is a big sofa there where I sometimes take a nap.

In the basement is where we keep the washing machine, the drying machine and old stuff. At the back of the house there is also the garage, where my parents park the family car, and a lovely garden, with many green spaces, flowers. Two swings and a small swimming pool. I love my house. It’s very comfortable and cozy.

Where is the living room?

A. On the first floor

B. On the basement

C. On the ground floor

D. On the second floor

Jawaban: C

19. Based on the article in the question number 18, how many floors are there?

A. There are two floors

B. There is one floor

C. There are two ground floors

D. There are three floors

Jawaban: A

20. Based on the article in the question number 18, why does he like to be in the attic?

A. Because it is very spacious and there is a big sofa there where he sometimes take a nap.

B. Because there are two swings and he sometimes play there.

C. Because there is a lovely garden

D. because it is very spacious and his parents keep washing machine there.

Jawaban: A

21. “Comfortable” mean?

A. Feeling interested in something.

B. Making somebody feel relaxed.

C. Making somebody feel sad.

D. Not knowing what to do.

Jawaban: B

22. Read the text below carefully!

Hello everybody ! My name is Dian. I live in a small village. I have a pet. His name is White. It is a rabbit. His fur is white and has black spots. It has long ears and a short tail. He also has big eyes. My rabbit likes to eat carrot and other vegetables. I bring White to a veterinarian when he does not look well. I love White very much.

When does the writer take White to the veterinarian?

A. When she wants to do checkup.

B. When her mother asks her to.

C. When she has some money.

D. When White is not healthy.

Jawaban: D

23. Based on the article in the question number 22, what does White eat?

A. Rice and fish

B. Carrot and other vegetables

C. Fruits and vegetables

D. Meat

Jawaban: B

24. Based on the article in the question number 22, how do White’s eyes look like?

A. Cute

B. Small

C. Long

D. Big

Jawaban: D

25. A place where aircraft regularly take off and land, with buildings for passengers to wait in......

A. Gas station

B. Train station

C. Airport

D. Parking Area

Jawaban: C

26. ... many people standing outside the movie theater.

A. There is

B. There are

C. There

D. Is there

Jawaban: B

27. There... a small cat playing with some toys.

A. Is

B. Are

C. Am

D. Have

Jawaban: A

28. We use this thing to cook our meals. It is a...

A. Basin

B. Stove

C. Knife

D. Rack

Jawaban: B

29. Read this text for answering questions 24-27!

My name is Dini. I use the web only on weekends. I visit a lot of websites. My favorites websites are game websites and science websites. I’d like to know about all the latest inventions. I like science very much. Someday, I want to be a scientist.

What does Dini want to be?

A. Doctor

B. Racer

C. Scientist

D. Visiting website

Jawaban: C

30. What kind of websites does she like?

A. Nature websites

B. Scientist websites

C. Scientist and game websites

D. Science and game websites

Jawaban: D

31. When does she visit the websites?

A. On the weekends

B. Every day

C. Every morning

D. Every night

Jawaban: A

32. Why does she visit the science website?

A. She likes science

B. She likes to read

C. She wants to be smart

D. She wants to be a doctor

Jawaban: A

33. It is for writing letters on the white board. It is...

A. paintbrush

B. marker

C. pencil

D. brush

Jawaban: B

34. They are for cutting things. It is...

A. plate

B. fork

C. scissors

D. spoon

Jawaban: C

35. It is for sweeping the floor. It is...

A. duster

B. valance

C. doormat

D. broom

Jawaban: D.

B. Soal Essay PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2

Read the text below to answer question number 1-4!

My Class Schedule

Hello i am Monita. This is my school schedule. I study at school from Monday to Friday. I start my school activities at 8 o’clock in the morning. I don’t have any class on Monday at 8 o’clock because we have a Flag Ceremony. From Monday to Thursday, I go home from school at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I only have two classes on Friday so I go home before noon. Now, let me talk about some school subjects. My favorite subjects are English, Natural Sciences and Art and Culture. I have English on Tuesday and Thursday. On Monday and Wednesday I have Natural Sciences. Finally, I have Art and Culture on Friday.

1. What time does she usually go home from school?

Jawaban: She usually goes home from school at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon from Monday to Thursday and before noon every friday.

2. When does Monita have English?

Jawaban: She has English on Tuesday and Thursday.

3. When does Monita have Natural Sciences?

Jawaban: She has Natural Sciences on Monday and Wednesday.

4. Based on Monita’s class schedule above, complete the following sentences!

  • (1) She has Natural Sciences on Monday and .....
  • (2) She has PE on .......
  • (3) She has English on ..... and ......
  • (4) She doesn’t have Indonesian Language on....and.....

  • (1) Wednesday.
  • (2) Tuesday at 8 o’clock.
  • (3) Tuesday, Thursday.
  • (4) Tuesday, Friday.
5. Read a text about Ibu Ayu’s Online Classroom below!

Ibu Ayu’s Online Class

Ibu Ayu teaches English every Tuesday and Thursday. During the pandemic, Ibu Ayu taught English online. She used a video conferencing application. Ibu Ayu met and talked with her students virtually. She also explained the materials and has a discussion with her students. The students felt very happy and excited to learn English online. Sometimes the students spoke at the same time. In a video conferencing application, speaking at the same time makes the class noisy. Ibu Ayu thought about making rules for online learning.

Answer the following questions based on the text above:

  • (1) Why does Ibu Ayu teach English online?
  • (2) How many times does Ibu Ayu teach English in a week?
  • (3) What type of application does Ibu Ayu use in teaching online?
  • (4) What activities does Ibu Ayu do in online learning?

  • (1) Because of the pandemic time.
  • (2) Two times a week.
  • (3) A video conferencing application.
  • (4) She meets, talks, discusses with her students and explains materials.
6. Answer the following questions based on Ibu Ayu’s rules for online class!

  • (1) How many rules does Ibu Ayu have for her online class?
  • (2) When the students are not asking questions, they …
  • (3) Andre wants to ask a question. He …
  • (4) Galang wears … to study English online.
  • (5) Which one is NOT an example of respecting others in online class?

  • (1) 6 rules
  • (2) turn off the mic
  • (3) uses the ‘raise hand’ button
  • (4) a school uniform
  • (5) unmuting the microphone and speaking loudly.
7. Put the words in each number into the correct order to make requests!

  • (1) turn - microphone - could - the - you - ? - on
  • (2) ? - can - read - I - your - text
  • (3) could - write - answer - you - your - in - box - chat - the - ?
  • (4) you - the - picture - ? - in - group - our - share - can

  • (1) Could you turn on the microphone?
  • (2) Can I read your text?
  • (3) Could you write your answer in the chat box?
  • (4 )Can you share the picture in our group
8. Write a request for each situation below! Use the underlined phrases. Change the pronouns if necessary!

  • (1) You request your classmate to send a copy of the class schedule to you.
  • (2) You ask a friend to unmute his microphone.
  • (3) You request your teacher to help you how to do the homework.
  • (4) You ask your classmate to reply to your chat quickly

  • (1) Can you send a copy of the class schedule to me?
  • (2) Could you unmute your microphone?
  • (3) Could you help me how to do the homework, please?
  • (4) Can you reply to my chat quickly?
9. Complete the following sentences by circling the most suitable adverbs of frequency!

  • (1) Andre regularly checks his class schedule.
  • (2) He frequently sets reminders for learning.
  • (3) I usually do my homework right after school.
  • (4) Monita often takes notes while studying.
  • (5) She always writes down homework assignments.
  • (6) I always do my homework.
  • (7) I plan my weekly schedule.

  • (1) usually
  • (2) frequently
  • (3) always
  • (4) often
  • (5) always
  • (6) daily
  • (7) weekly
10. Fill in the blanks to complete the paragraph. Use turn left, turn right, or go straight!

Pipit is in the garden. She must go to the teachers’ room to meet Ibu Ayu. She should (1)......After she walks past the library, she should (2) .......The teachers’ room is beside the canteen. Before she meets Ibu Ayu, Pipit needs to go to the toilet. She should walk past the laboratory and the library. After that she should (3)....... The girls’ toilet is on her left.


  • (1) Go straight.
  • (2) Turn left.
  • (3) Turn right.

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