Contoh Soal Pretest PPG 2023 Bahasa Inggris dan Kunci Jawabannya

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Berikut adalah contoh soal pretest PPG 2023 bahasa Inggris dan kunci jawabannya. - Pendaftaran Program Pendidikan Profesi Guru Dalam Jabatan (PPG Daljab) 2023 sudah dibuka sejak 30 Mei 2023. Anda dapat mengakses pendaftaran secara online melalui laman

Sebelum mengikuti program PPG, peserta harus melalui pretest PPG 2023 berupa soal akademik untuk materi bahasa Inggris.

PPG Daljab merupakan program pendidikan untuk mempersiapkan lulusan S-1 Kependidikan dan S-1/D-IV Non Kependidikan yang memiliki bakat dan minat menjadi guru agar menguasai kompetensi secara utuh sesuai dengan Standar Pendidikan Guru.

Harapannya calon guru memiliki kemampuan sesuai standar dan kompeten. Pasalnya, di era revolusi industri 4.0 ini, para guru harus memiliki kemampuan pembelajaran yang inovatif dengan mengintegrasikan critical thinking dan problem solving.

Berikut kumpulan soal bahasa Inggris yang dapat digunakan sebagai bahan latihan sebelum pelaksanaan pretest PPG Daljab 2023.

Contoh Soal Pretest PPG 2023 Bahasa Inggris dan Kunci Jawaban

Berikut kumpulan soal-soal latihan PPG Bahasa Inggris:

1. Here ... the pencil that I borrowed yesterday.
a. is
b. are
c. was
d. were

e. will

2. There are the ... that you looked after.
a. book
b. books
c. pencil
d. pen
e. pencil case

3. She can ... to the salon
a. go
b. goes
c. went
d. works
e. leaves

4. He ... sick last week
a. is
b. are
c. was
d. were
e. will

5. The teacher told the students why ... it.
a. did they do
b. did they
c. they did
d. they do
e. did

6. ... she go to the school?
a. do
b. does
c. did
d. go
e. goes

7. The woman is talking to your mother. The woman has a new car.
combine the sentences above!
a. the woman who has a new car is talking to your mother
b. the woman that is talking to your mother has a new car
c. your mother who is talking the woman has a new car
d. the woman is talking to your mother has a new car
e. the woman who is talking to your mother has a new car

8. Diva is beautiful. Dina is beautiful.
a. Diva is as beautiful as Dina
b. Diva is more beautiful than Dina
c. Dina is more beautiful than Diva
d. Diva is the most beautiful
e. Dina is the most beautiful

9. His work was better than ...
a. she
b. he
c. I
d. you
e. hers

10. Each of the students in the room ... to get more explanation from their teacher.
a. need
b. needs
c. want
d. ask
e. try

11. He needs a help from a ... in the trial.
a. bricklayer
b. plumber
c. butcher
d. lawyer
e. electrician

12. Ray goes to the .. to buy the office equipments.
a. market
b. grocery
c. stationary
d. counter
e. mall

13. I suggest you ... an omelet. It is easy and delicious.
a. make
b. making
c. to make
d. to be make
e. to making

14. Albert have to get at least B ... in this semester.
a. stay
b. staying
c. to stay
d. stayed
e. to be stayed

15. The girl,..., is my best friend.
a. who wears glasses
b. whom wears glasses
c. whose wearing glasses
d. that wearing glasses
e. which wearing glasses

16. You have to speak clearly. Otherwise, your words ...
a. will be understood
b. will not be understood
c. understood
d. is understood
e. will understood

17. You have to study ... to pass the examination.
a. hard
b. hardly
c. rare
d. rarely
e. slow

18. Sorry, I didn't come to your birthday party ... my mother was sick
a. and
b. or
c. so
d. because
e. but

19. Don't be late!
the expression above expresses ...
a. remembering
b. giving permission
c. saying goodbye
d. reminding
e. warning

20. I don't have ... money to go the movie.
a. so
b. such
c. too
d. enough
e. more

21. Anita needs ... sugar
a. so
b. little
c. fewer
d. all
e. each

22. They have been living here. They came ten years ago.
two sentences above can be combined into...
a. they have been living here when they came ten years ago
b. they have been living here while they came ten years ago
c. they have been living here from they came ten years ago
d. they have been living here within they came ten years ago
e. they have been living here since they came ten years ago

23. Jane: I'm sorry Ron, I didn't come yesterday. My brother got an accident
Ron: ... Is he alright?
Jane: Yes, thank you
a. no, thanks
b. thank you
c. on, no!
d. good
e. I'm sorry to hear that

24. The supporters were grumbling when the match was ... for an hour
a. put off
b. show off
c. called off
d. switch off
e. taken off

25. They flew .. a country.
a. along
b. over
c. to
d. throughout
e. through

26. Sarah and Sisca ... the students in the Oxford University.
a. were
b. are
c. is
d. was
e. will

27. Edward will study abroad after he ... the examination.
a. will pass
b. passed
c. pass
d. passes
e. have pass

28. Please tell ... to submit the assignment.
a. other
b. others
c. the other
d. the others
e. another

29. Somebody rang the bell while I ... home alone.
a. was staying
b. stayed
c. had stayed
d. had been staying
e. were stay

30. My mother requested me ... TV after midnight.
a. could not watch
b. cannot watch
c. did not watch
d. would not watch
e. not watch

Kunci Jawaban:
1. a
2. b
3. a
4. c
5. c
6. b
7. e
8. a
9. e
10. b
11. d
12. c
13. b
14. c
15. a
16. b
17. a
18. d
19. e
20. d
21. b
22. e
23. e
24. c
25. e
26. b
27. d
28. b
29. a
30. e

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